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creative music and dance


Many children joyfully "sing" before they talk and "dance" before they walk; Therefore, music and dance is a natural experience in the discovery and learning process of young children.


Music & Dance is an element-based developmental program designed to be fun and nurturing to the individual child.  Classes are age-specific and are designed to motivate as well as educate.

Music Class


The Music Program focuses on development of rhythm skills, appreciation of music in a variety of forms and disciplines, identification of musical instruments and how they are played, and understanding of the different qualities and varieties of sound.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


The dance program focuses on the development of a vocabulary in dance and movement.  Classes focus on the basic elements of body awareness and movement, spacial awareness (both as an individual, as well as being part of a group), different qualities of the force of movement, and the varieties of rhythm of movement.

Class work also develops locomotor skills, social skills and cognitive skills.  The aim of the Creative Music & Dance is to provide a positive early experience in the arts as well as a life long appreciation of the performing arts.

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